Oct 5, 2013

Driver saves stranger having a heart attack.

Sept. 2013:
The lives of two strangers have been changed forever after a life-threatening heart attack and coincidence brought them together.
Jeff Eshbaugh, 48, of Aurora was on a walking path when the heart attack hit on Sunday, September 22.
It was the type of heart attack that’s so severe, some doctors call it the “widow maker.”
“It’s the electrical instability of the heart rhythm,” says cardiologist Dr. George Pachello. “That’s what gets you. And it got him.”
Thankfully, Larry Black was driving by at the time. In fact, Larry was driving from church to work on a route that he doesn’t normally drive. That’s when he saw Jeff on the ground.
“All I could think of is this gentleman needs help,” Larry says.
He called 911, stopped  his car, got out and began performing CPR on Jeff. “I immediately started CPR, checked for breathing and so forth, and started CPR until the EMTs got there.”
“Were it not for prompt resuscitation, he would not be here today,” Dr. Pachello says of what happened to Jeff.
Larry and Jeff met each other for the second time Thursday. It’s actually the first time for Jeff because he has no memory of the incident. A good, strong handshake  showed that didn’t stop his gratitude for Larry.
“He’s my savior right now.”
Whether by sheer coincidence or divine intervention, it’s safe to say Jeff Eshbaugh is happy Larry Black crossed his path.
There is another coincidence in this story. Larry says he just finished CPR training one day before saving Jeff’s life.

Man stops assault of couple being dragged from their SUV

Oct.5th, 2013.

Everything that happened around Sergio Consuegra last Sunday was all bad. Conuegra is pictured on an NYPD flyer seeking information, and standing over Alexian Lien with his arms extended.
On Thursday, the NYPD released the photo of the Good Samaritans who were key witnesses to the assault. They were on their way to church when they saw the angry group of bikers descending onto a black Range Rover with a flat tire in Washington Heights.
"At that moment, nobody's stepping in," says Consuegra.
Consuegra said he had no other choice but to jump in when he saw Rosalyn Ng being dragged out of the SUV, and says the young mother was told "you're going to get it, too".
"He grabbed the lady by her arms real loud," Consuegra adds.
A crowd then gathered and started yelling.
Consuegra then jumped in between the biker who was smashing Lien with his helmet, and it was all over.
"I felt tense. I felt that God was with me there," says Consuegra.
Consuegra will be honored Sunday in Washington Heights

Man climbs building to free cat stuck in window.

This was uploaded in 2010.
Passersby caught a tail end view of a cat that was stuck in a window in Romania on the second floor of an apartment building.
Dozens of people stopped to watch and take pictures of the cat who was struggling to free itself but but one man climbed up to the window to save her.
He pushed the animal back inside the window.
It's unknown how the cat got stuck in the partially opened window but it's said to be okay.

Men leap onto Boston subway tracks to rescue fallen rider

September, 2013.
Video shows the man walking straight off the Orange Line platform at North Station at about 9 p.m. Wednesday, then falling to the track. Three people jump down and lift him to safety, one from the opposite platform.
Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority spokesman Joe Pesaturo says trains in the area were stopped so the man was never in danger of being struck.
A report from the responding officer described the man, a 33-year-old Malden resident, as covered in dirt and confused afterward.
He said man said he had two drinks to celebrate passing the medical boards and was waiting for a train home, but doesn't remember anything else.
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Woman Stops Neighbor's Home From Being Burglarized

On Jan. 8, 2013, in Washington state.
Borgioli knew witnesses had seen a U-Haul truck in the neighborhood when the Jan. 2 robberies occurred, and she knew the truck didn’t have any business in her neighborhood, so she used her vehicle to block the truck from leaving.
“Initially, I wasn’t going to confront anybody,” the mother of three said. “I was just going to park my car and call the police. But, the woman who was in the driver’s seat stuck her head out the window and started conversing with me.”
Snoqualmie Police Capt. Nick Almquist said the woman’s male accomplice, who had pried open the sliding glass door in the back of the home, came around to the front of the house to see what all the commotion was about.
The man was about 10 feet away from Borgioli when he pulled out a Ruger .40-caliber handgun, pointed it and told her to, “Get out of here,” according to Almquist.
SPD Chief Steve McCulley said Borgioli somehow had the wherewithal to dial 911 and honk her horn to alert other neighbors while she sped off to get away.

Man saves stranger milliseconds before oncoming train.

This appears to be the Metro in Madrid Spain. It was uploaded in 2011.

Bystanders rescue man trapped under burning car.

from 2011:
Bystanders rescue a motorcyclist from under a burning BMW.
A group of people are directed away from the scene by police after tilting a burning BMW up to free Brandon Wright, on his back on the ground, who was pinned underneath after he collided with the car while riding his motorcycle on U.S. 89 in Logan, Utah.
Authorities said Wright was riding his motorcycle near the Utah State University campus in Logan when the 21-year-old collided with the BMW that was pulling out of a parking lot. Tire and skid marks on the highway indicate that Wright laid the bike down and slid along the road before colliding with the car.