Oct 5, 2013

Man stops assault of couple being dragged from their SUV

Oct.5th, 2013.

Everything that happened around Sergio Consuegra last Sunday was all bad. Conuegra is pictured on an NYPD flyer seeking information, and standing over Alexian Lien with his arms extended.
On Thursday, the NYPD released the photo of the Good Samaritans who were key witnesses to the assault. They were on their way to church when they saw the angry group of bikers descending onto a black Range Rover with a flat tire in Washington Heights.
"At that moment, nobody's stepping in," says Consuegra.
Consuegra said he had no other choice but to jump in when he saw Rosalyn Ng being dragged out of the SUV, and says the young mother was told "you're going to get it, too".
"He grabbed the lady by her arms real loud," Consuegra adds.
A crowd then gathered and started yelling.
Consuegra then jumped in between the biker who was smashing Lien with his helmet, and it was all over.
"I felt tense. I felt that God was with me there," says Consuegra.
Consuegra will be honored Sunday in Washington Heights

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