Oct 11, 2013

Woman stops runaway semi.

Jordan Osborne and her two young children were traveling along Highway 41 near the Robertson-Davidson County line last week when she noticed an 18-wheeler headed toward her.

The driver of the truck had swerved across four lanes of traffic during rush hour.

Osborne told Nashville's News 2 she could see the driver slumped over against the window and says she knew something was wrong.

She was able to swerve to miss the 18-wheeler and call 911.
"It was clear that God's hands just kind of parted Highway 41, parted traffic for that truck driver to land eventually," said Osborne.
Osborne turned around and spotted the truck in the emergency lane on the wrong side of the road. She could tell the truck was still rolling.

Osborne pulled over behind the semi-truck and ran up to the driver's side door, but it was locked.
She started banging on the window until the driver was able to hit the unlock button.

Osborne reached inside to turn off the ignition, but the truck kept rolling. The driver was then able to tell her "white button" to release the air brakes.

When she pulled the brakes, the man said, "That a girl," according to Osborne.
The 34-year-old Texas man was taken to Skyline Medical Center where he was treated.

Oct 7, 2013

Man performs CPR on tourist having heart attack.

Oct 2012:
During a visit from Toronto on Oct. 5, Kroft, 40, was sightseeing with his family in Manhattan. As the family approached the corner of 6th Avenue and 45th Street, Kroft grabbed his heart and fell to his knees, having suffered a serious heart attack.
"We were walking across 45th Street," said Kroft's brother Ryan, who had joined Kroft, Kroft's wife Marci, and their two daughters, Sloane, 7, and Harper, 9, "when Jason said he was having very bad indigestion. And that's when he fell to his knees."
People rushed over, Kroft says, and urged him to call 9-1-1, which he did.
"Marci screamed that Jason was turning blue and around that moment I turned to speak to 9-1-1 operators. Then the man appeared and asked a few questions and the next thing I knew he was giving mouth-to-mouth," Ryan Kroft said.
Kroft says his brother soon began to make sounds as if he was trying to breathe and his color returned to normal.
The man continued doing chest compressions on Kroft for 10 minutes until the ambulance arrived, the family said.
"Marci was on the ground holding Jason's hand and I was trying to comfort the children, so we never got a good look at the guy. Then, we all ran with the stretcher as they loaded Jason into the ambulance," the brother said.
In the moments that paramedics took over and continued stabilizing Kroft, the hero slipped into the crowd and disappeared before the family was able to thank him.
Kroft was rushed to Roosevelt Hospital then to St. Luke's where he underwent emergency open-heart surgery and where he is now recovering.

Man performs CPR and revives 80yo stranger.

 Aug 2013:

The 80-year-old Washington, D.C., businessman and philanthropist suffered a pulmonary embolism – a blood clot in the lung – and collapsed after leaving the Uptown Theater in northwest D.C. Aug. 19.
His wife, Grace, caught him as he collapsed, ensuring his head didn't hit the sidewalk. She thought her husband of 34 years had taken his last breath.
"In seconds, ice cold, soaking wet, not breathing," Grace said.
But a mystery man was able to revive Morton before medics showed up by performing CPR. As he recovers at MedStar Washington Hospital Center, Morton and his wife want to find and thank that man.
"I'd like to thank the guy who made my chest so sore," Bender said. "He saved me ... more people out there should be like him."

Man aid stranger who fell in Philidelphia subway tracks.

March 2013:
Christopher Knafelc, 32, was sitting several yards away at a North Philadelphia subway station on Thursday afternoon when he saw what appeared to be a man tumble off the platform.

Of all the people standing around, some just feet away, Mr Knafelc was the only one to not only rush to his aid, but immediately jump down beside him - a man he didn't know.
'I jumped down. He was in pain. He was in agony,' Mr Knafelc said.
'I knew I had about five to 10 minutes until another train,' he said. 'I told the guy in the booth to suspend southbound trains. I already had a plan in mind if a train came to roll underneath.'

As they waited for rescue crews to arrive, with the train traffic securely halted around them, he says he tried to keep the man's head and neck stable in the meantime.
'I kept him talking. I said are you all right? What hurts? He didn't thank me but I know he was thankful,' he told CBS Philadelphia.

Oct 6, 2013

Fast Food worker refuse to serve woman who stole from blind man.

Joey Prusak had just finished serving one of his regular customers when the visually impaired man unknowingly dropped a $20 bill from his pocket. A woman in line behind him quickly picked up the money – and then put it in her purse.
"She picked it up so quickly that I thought she was going to give it back but she just stood there and waited," Prusak told "I was extremely confused when she let the man walk by. She just stood there and put it in her purse and I was like, 'Really?'
Prusak, 19, said the experience left him feeling "violated." After taking a few seconds to compose himself, he politely asked the woman to give the money back. The woman refused, insisting the money was hers. Prusak asked her again but got the same response.
That's when Prusak asked the woman to leave.
"She made a big scene, but I told her I couldn't serve her, so she stormed out," he said.
"Everyone that was in the store at the time was kind of in shock. They just looked at each other like, 'did that really happen?' and kept to ourselves," he said.
Not everyone. One of the customers who witnessed the scene wrote about it in a letter to Prusak's boss, commending the employee for his composure and especially for what he did once the woman left.
"Your employee approached the man and took out his wallet and said, 'Sir, on behalf of the Dairy Queen, I would like to give you the $20 you dropped on the ground as you walked away from the counter,” according to the letter, which was sent by an anonymous writer.